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AKS Distributions is first and foremost the distributor for Tycab cables for NSW and KSS- KAI SUH SUH ENTERPRISE Taiwan. 

We specialise in the highest quality oxygen free, plain and tinned copper electrical cable products. Covering a broad range of industries from, automotive, building, data and instrumentation to security, marine, welding, speaker, and audio/TV And also to electrical switchboard builders, industry /commercial projects. AKS also provides a wide range of cable ties and fixings, heat shrink tubing, cable markers, and more.

  • Single Core Flexible 250/440V

  • 0.5, 0.75, 1.0mm² nominal area
  • Tinned Copper Wire
  • V90HT PVC insulation
  • Suitable for electronic equipment

  • Single Core Flexible 0.6/1KV

  • 0.5mm² up to 10mm² nominal area
  • Tinned Copper Wire
  • Heavy duty 0.6/1KV
  • Best suited for electrical interconnections

  • Multi Core Light Duty Circular Flexible

  • Oxygen Free Plain Copper Wire
  • V90 PVC insulation
  • Ideal for lighting and appliance applications

  • Multi Core Light Duty Flat Flexible 250/250 VOLT

  • Oxygen Free Plain Copper Wire
  • 250/250 Volt, PVC insulation and sheath
  • Perfect for appliance and control wiring applications

  • Multi Core Ordinary Duty Circular Flexible 250/440 VOLT

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 Core
  • 0.75mm² to 4.00mm² nominal area
  • 250/440 Volt, V90 PVC insulation and sheath
  • Suitable for lighting, appliance and plug leads

  • Heavy Duty Multi Core Flexible Circular 0.6/1KV

  • 2, 3, 4, 5 Core
  • 1mm² to 4.00mm² nominal area
  • 0.6/1KV, V90 PVC insulation and sheath
  • 1st choice for heavy duty applications

  • Figure 8 Parallel Webbed

  • 16/0.20 (0.5mm²) & 24/0.20 (0.75mm²)
  • Oxygen Free Plain Copper Wire
  • 250/250 Volt, V90 PVC Insulation and sheath
  • Ideal for audio and electronic wiring

We provide expert advice to our customers in finding cost effective solutions.